Group Companies

Chase Industrial Company Limited, Thailand

Chaze Industrial Company Limited, Thailand

Chaze was founded in the year 2009 and began its commercial production in 2011. We started with an initial production capacity of 6000T per annum and within 6 years our production capacity has increased 5-fold to 30000T per annum.

Lead smelting and refining is our core business but we diversified into the base metal and specialty alloys like magnesium and aluminium alloys. We also produce a complete range of pure lead alloys for the battery industry in addition to other industries like ammunition.

With a keen focus on producing quality products and superior customer service, we have built strong relationships with our customers. Some of our long standing customers across the globe are: GS Yuasa, Panasonic, Furukawa, Rahimafrooz, Trafigura Group.


Argus, Bangladesh

Argus Metals Pvt. Ltd. was established by a group of dedicated and knowledgeable professional entrepreneurs with a wide experience of 30 years in battery and ancillary industry. We understand the need of buyers of Lead buyers, the quality they require and the services they look for.

This is the reason we take utmost care for customers’ requirements and their specifications. We ensure that our customers not only get the best of Lead alloys or Oxides but they also get the appropriate yield and homogeneity in the products they buy from us.


MYSARCO (Myanmar Smelting & Refining Co. Ltd)

Myanmar Smelting & Refining Co. Ltd (MYSARCO) set-up its facility in 2015 and started smelting operations in 2016. It is one of the largest nonferrous metal smelting and refining companies in Myanmar. MYSARCO manufactures pure lead, lead alloys and aluminium products and exports them to foreign destinations through its trading partners.


Overseas offices : Dubai & Singapore